RJ Molinere arm wrestles Craig Tullier in Chicago

Swamp People RJ Molinere Craig Tullier Arm Wrestling Chicago

RJ Molinere and Craig Tullier getting after it- the Chicago Arm Wrestling Nationals.

RJ Molinere- RJ Molinere from History Channel’s  Swamp People before he was on Swamp People.  This was a tournament that we went to where we first met RJ and where we interviewed him along with many other arm wrestlers.

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Livin To Pull – Arm Wrestling Photo- Atlanta Nationals

Livin To Pull Arm Wrestling Photo Atlanta

A cool pic from our travels and production of Livin To Pull.  Photo taken by Wes Frazer at the Atlanta Nationals.
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REGION 2 Arm Wrestling DVD Livin To Pull

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RJ Molinere, History Channel’s Swamp People, training for Arm Wrestling

RJ Molinere reveals on The History Channel’s Swamp People, the tough training he goes through in order to remain an arm wrestling champion.

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Legendery Arm Wrestler Cleve Dean dies

May 11, 2011


It is with sad news that I share that Cleve Dean passed away yesterday, May 10th, 2011.  Cleve was a super nice guy, fierce competitor, great arm wrestler and a legend in the sport. Cleve was a super big guy, had a huge hand but his heart was even bigger.   

Cleve was a many time World Champion, appeared on ABC Wide World of Sports, had a cameo in the movie "Over The Top", was featured in People Magazine and many other credits to his name.  Cleve also competed at least twice in the World Strong Man Competition and in one case, set the record at the time for the longest tractor trailer pull. 

Cleve once told me that in his prime he could get on a trampoline and do back flips.  He was very quick; very agile in his prime and was very tough to beat.  I don’t think anyone would ever argue that.  But there was never a nicer guy.

His legacy and mark will be left on the sport of arm wrestling for all time.  Our hearts and prayers go out to the Dean family and friends.  He will be missed.

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Livin’ To Pull

Arm Wrestler R.J. Molinere on the History Channel’s Swamp People

April 2011

Check out R.J. Molinere on the History Channel’s Swamp People.  R.J. has a segment in Livin’ To Pull, is a great guy and a great arm wrestler.  Be sure to check out Swamp People and if you haven’t yet, be sure to pick up your copy of Livin’ To Pull.

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Livin’ To Pull

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