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 'Livin' To Pull' is a documentary film about the sport of professional arm wrestling, the culture behind the sport and the legendary figures associated with arm wrestling. This documentary will change your whole mind set about this unique and exciting sport. Afterwards it will have you wanting to grab your friend's arm across the table.

Shot over the span of two years, it features interviews with World Champion and Atlanta native Johnny 'Iceman' Walker, 35 Time World Champion Dave Patton (Manassas, VA), World Famous Cleve Dean from Pavo, GA, John Brzenk (Salt Lake City, Utah) who is considered the Michael Jordan of arm wrestling and others.

Danny Stone Arm Wrestling



Professional Arm Wrestling is a sport that few other than the competitors ever see. Livin' To Pull shows this side of the sport like never before. Some of those featured have appeared on the Tonight Show, ESPN, ABC Wide World of Sports, the David Letterman show and host of other National and World Media.


2002 AAA Nationals

2002 AAA Nationals- RJ Molinere

2002 AAA Nationals

"As a former competitor I can testify Livin' to Pull is the real deal and presents an inside look into the world of arm wrestling. This real life documentary accurately portrays the game as well as the personalities behind the sport. A must see for all who are interested in testing their manly or womanly skills of strength and will power or for those who have had a longtime fascination with the superstars who have made the sport what it is."
Terry Brown

Terry Brown was nominated American Fitness Leader of the Year, is the publisher of Wake-Up-America and founder of America's Consumer Fitness Association (

Dave Patton vs. Bobby Hopkins



Johnny Walker in Livin To Pull Arm Wrestling Film


It definitely draws a different crowd but maybe not the crowd that you are imagining. This documentary also shows the struggle for this to be an excepted sport and how the public views arm wrestling. These people may be different but they have tremendous heart and camaraderie between competitors.

Being one of the oldest sports in history, arm wrestling has not been accepted into the Olympics. Many of the arm wrestlers dream that one day this will be an Olympic sport; that day has yet to come. This film addresses this dream as the sport and competitors hope to make it a reality.

The documentary also highlights several tournaments including the AAA Nationals 2001 in Atlanta, the 2002 AAA Nationals in Chicago, the Reno Reunion 2003, the Rally in Tally 2002, and three small tournaments held in Birmingham.

Livin To Pull - Living To Pull Arm Wrestling Movie

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