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Johnny Walker in Livin To Pull Arm Wrestling Film

"I have always loved films and movies, so in my final year of school, I decided to make a film. I began the process of creating the first documentary about professional arm wrestling. Livin' to Pull was my first feature film. In my spare time, I have also written several short screenplays and have made short videos and films for non-profit organizations.  I hope to be able to work on more creative film projects in the near future."

A graduate from the University of  Montevallo,  Joshua Tubbs currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama.  

Cleve Dean and Joshua Tubbs

Dave Patton and Joshua Tubbs

Cleve Dean in Livin To Pull


I remember growing up and hearing a lot about arm wrestling through a close family friend who was involved in the sport, Danny Stone. Danny is where I started when doing my research; then I went from there. I had never done any type of project this size and really had no idea where to begin. So I bought a camera and started going to tournaments and interviewing people; 2 years later, I have a finished product. This was a total independent project and funded it solely on my own. I also had help from a few friends that didn't mind not being paid; I definitely could not have done it without them. Making this film was a big dream of mine and now it is complete.  We met tons of great people, arm wrestlers and had a lot of fun working on this project. Arm Wrestling is a great sport!

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